Seller/Buyer Resources

Mortgage Calculator
This calculator allows you to select a variety of financing options, such as principal+interest or interest only. Displays your monthly mortgage payment.

Home Valuation Request
When selling your home, setting the listing price is one of the most important steps. Set it too high, and you’ll spend a lot of time watching your listing grow old and cold. Set it too low and you’ll find out very quickly by the flood of offers and bidding that comes afterwards. With Anna’s real estate knowledge and experience in your community, she will use her collective experience to dodge all of the obstacles associated with setting a balanced price. Anna will accomplish this by helping you establish a price that will be both attractive to you and prospective buyers!. Within 24 to 48 hours Anna can provide you with a comprehensive look at the homes in your immediate area which are the backbone of any value anaylis, including appraisals. A detailed assesment of each, as well as comprehensive price recomendation will also be included.

Property Email Update
The Property Organizer is your own personal Real Estate resource center where you are able to gather information from all over my site and keep it in one place for easy reference. With web-based access, you are able to securely login to your Personal Organizer from any internet connected computer. In addition, any of your saved information can easily be sent to your spouse or friends instantly via email!